About The Editor

I offer more than a decade of professional writing and editing experience in both journalism and creative writing. During my career I have served as a newspaper reporter, assistant editor, editor in chief, copywriter, copy editor, content writer, blog editor, editorial consultant, book editor and proofreader, and history book writer. I currently serve as the associate editor for a lifestyle magazine, called MonteFino. While serving as the editor in chief for a media industry-targeted publication, I compiled data and served as the primary writer on a state of the media report for five consecutive years. I have written hundreds of news articles, edited and proofed a number of books, and I oversee and write for a book review blog, called Cellar Door Lit Rants & Reviews. Writing under the name K.M. Randall, I am the author of two books in the fantasy and paranormal genres, both of which were published by Booktrope Publishing, while a third book is expected in late 2016.



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