Editing versus writing and why I like both


“While writing is like a joyful release, editing is a prison where the bars are my former intentions and the abusive warden my own neuroticism.”
― Tiffany Madison

I follow a lot of writers on Twitter, which makes sense since I am a writer myself. And I’ve noticed at various times when I’m perusing my feed the number of writers who, finished writing a book, bemoan the editing they now have to do. While I’m sure every writer would like to write the last sentence and declare a manuscript complete, I can’t relate. Editing is the part where I get to make it pretty — to change a sentence from drab to fab, and bring color to quickly-written passages. But I do agree with the quote above on writing; it is a release to let the story breathe and the characters clawing their way out of you go free.

Having written my own book over a period of years, I’m finding the editing is more than arduous, as full chapters need to be rewritten, and new ideas still come and force me to tweak a character here or a side plot line here. It doesn’t help that the book itself has reached epic proportions in length, so that my next job once I’ve went all the way through is to use my literary scissors and cut.

But I do love editing, having only realized this when I became the editor of an online publication. And now my path has led me to Booktrope, where I have begun to work with authors by editing and proofing their stories. Most of the time, it doesn’t even feel like work, it feels like I should be editing books and writing books full-time — oh the dream!

Since I’m a realist, I’ll be plugging the hell out of my own manuscript and editing books into the wee hours of the night while working the day job that pays. It’s hard to rein in inspiration when it hits, so I’ll also be fighting off the overwhelming urge to write a YA story that came to me one day recently and has since festooned itself around my soul with images, plot lines and character colors. One book at a time, Katrina, or so I lie to myself…

“You grow ravenous. You run fevers. You know exhilarations. You can’t sleep at night, because your beast-creature ideas want out and turn you in your bed. It is a grand way to live.” ― Ray Bradbury